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Practice Areas

Dispute Resolution Services

The focus of Jim Stewart’s practice is providing Mediation and Arbitration services to clients throughout Georgia, in all 50 states, and abroad. Many of the individuals that seek him out to act as an Arbitrator or Mediator are other attorneys – both plaintiffs’ and defendants’ – who are looking for an impartial, knowledgeable, and highly respected individual to aid in the resolution of their clients’ cases.

Jim strongly believes that a Mediator or Arbitrator becomes involved in a case in order to help the parties reach a satisfactory and final conclusion, and therefore commits himself to the matter at hand until it is resolved.

Jim has handled Mediations and Arbitrations involving an enormous range of disputes, including:

  • auto accidents
  • tractor-trailer crashes
  • motorcycle wrecks
  • dangerous and defective products
  • slip-and-fall accidents
  • assault, battery, or rape where inadequate security is an issue
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • injured railroad workers (FELA)
  • medical malpractice
  • physician, health care worker, or hospital negligence
  • nursing home neglect and abuse
  • wrongful death
  • legal malpractice
  • professional liability
  • insurance law and coverage issues
  • real estate
  • business contracts
  • business dissolution
  • construction law
  • labor law
  • employment law
  • libel, slander, and defamation of character
  • Clean Water Act and water run-off issues
  • divorce and property division
  • Medical Malpractice Mediation

Contact Atlanta attorney, Mediator, and Arbitrator Jim Stewart today to discuss how his understanding of the law and experience resolving tough disputes can help you.


If you are in need of an experienced neutral to act as a Mediator or Arbitrator, turn to attorney James G. Stewart in Atlanta. Since 1986, Jim has been acting as a neutral in Mediation and Arbitration cases in Georgia and throughout the country. With more than 28 years of experience with Mediation and Arbitration processes, he is able to efficiently assist parties with Arbitration and Mediation.

Many individuals are unaware of the options they have when dealing with a legal matter. In addition to traditional litigation, out-of-court processes such as Mediation and Arbitration may be available. Below is an overview of these processes. For more information, consult your individual lawyer and consider enlisting the services of skilled Mediator and Arbitrator Jim Stewart. Contact his office to learn more about his role in Mediation and Arbitration matters.


Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that attempts to find a solution to the case that suits both parties. The Mediation process involves the participation of a third party Mediator who works as a neutral to find points of agreement and move the disputing parties towards a mutually decided upon agreement.The Mediator does not dictate the decision, but instead facilitates the parties developing their own agreement. This is a somewhat informal process with much “give and take,” but it may be able to resolve the matter more quickly and cost effectively than traditional litigation.


Another type of ADR is called Arbitration. In Arbitration, an Arbitrator or an Arbitration panel (usually three Arbitrators) hears the parties’ arguments, usually delivered by an attorney. After the evidence and arguments are presented, the Arbitrator or panel issues a decision which is binding on the parties. The decision of an Arbitrator or Arbitration panel is final and appeals cannot be filed, absent a showing of actual fraud (a very high standard).

Arbitration is essentially a mini-trial with less rigorous rules of evidence. It has the advantage of less expense, due to shorter durations and can frequently be scheduled much more quickly than a trial on a court docket. Arbitration may be used prior to the beginning of court room litigation, in an attempt to avoid a full-scale court trial. Additionally, many contracts specify Arbitration as the only dispute resolution mechanism.

To determine the most effective way to resolve your case, you should consult with an experienced Arbitration attorney, who can assess your situation and explain your options.

Contact lawyer, Mediator and Arbitrator Jim Stewart in Atlanta today to learn more about the services he provides. Jim can travel when necessary and tailors the services he provides to suit the case and needs of the parties. He is available for Mediation and Arbitration matters throughout Georgia, in all 50 states, and internationally.

Medical Malpractice

There is a lot at stake in cases involving allegations of medical malpractice. Medical professionals and providers, medical malpractice insurance carriers and medical malpractice plaintiffs each have strong positions in medical malpractice claims. An experienced Mediator or Arbitrator can prove to be invaluable in achieving resolution prior to trial.

If you are in need of an experienced, neutral legal professional to serve as a Mediator or Arbitrator in a medical malpractice dispute, contact the Atlanta, Georgia law office of James G. Stewart, P.C.

Jim Stewart has more than 31 years of legal experience, including decades of experience as a Mediator and Arbitrator. He is trusted amongst colleagues and former clients for his professionalism and dedication in resolving each case brought before him. Grounded in his former experience as a plaintiffs’ personal injury lawyer and a medical malpractice defense attorney, he brings an impartial view as to what is important for both sides in achieving a settlement in medical malpractice disputes.

Achieving a Settlement Through Medical Malpractice Mediations

Focusing his practice on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services, Mr. Stewart has successfully mediated over 2,200 cases in recent years, including hundreds of cases involving claims of physician, health care worker or hospital negligence. Mr. Stewart provides medical malpractice Mediation and Arbitration services in cases involving:

Birth Injury

  • Brain injury at birth
  • Fetal distress/subdural hematoma at delivery

Failure to Diagnose

  • Failure to diagnose breast cancer
  • Failure to diagnose and treat infection
  • Failure to diagnose infection
  • Delay in diagnosis of cancer
  • Failure to diagnose fracture

Wrongful Death

  • Allergic reaction
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Failure to monitor
  • Misread EKG
  • Emergency room failure to diagnose

Medication Errors

  • Medication-related stroke
  • Failure to give medication
  • Failure to give cardiac medication during surgery

Surgical Errors

  • Retinal detachment due to surgery
  • Lap sponge retention
  • Lack of informed consent
  • Dislocation of shoulder during surgery
  • Wrongful death during surgery

Dental Malpractice

  • Nerve injury due to injection
  • Bilateral nerve injury
  • Broken file in sinus cavity
  • Removal of wrong tooth
  • Failure to diagnose tumor

Mr. Stewart has also successfully mediated resolutions in nursing home malpractice lawsuits involving wrongful death, falls, decubitis ulcers, loss of blood and other events. View a listing of cases mediated and arbitrated.

Jim Stewart is a registered neutral with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution and member of several legal and ADR associations, including the Association for Conflict Resolution, the State Bar of Georgia’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Law Section, and Atlanta Bar Association’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Lawyers Section. Contact his Atlanta law and Mediation office now to schedule an appointment.