Trucking and Auto

Resolving accident disputes in Atlanta, Georgia with Mediation is increasing in popularity. Mediation allows those involved in accidents, as well as their insurance providers, to create a fair arrangement that suits everyone. Whether a crash is the result of a mistake by a private driver or occurs involving a commercial driver, Mediation makes it possible to resolve the conflict outside of the courtroom.

Commercial truck drivers are required to adhere to specific legal standards when it comes to operating their vehicles. Federal regulations set minimum standards for the operation of commercial vehicles. Regulations also require companies to conduct routine inspections and maintenance on these vehicles to protect the public. Unfortunately, the risk for involvement in an accident is higher for commercial truckers than for a regular driver because of the extended period of time that they are on the road.

If you are a commercial truck driver involved in a collision or a private driver involved in an accident with a commercial driver or anyone else, you deserve fair compensation. Attorney James G. Stewart has over a quarter of a century of experience resolving cases through means of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). He is a Registered Neutral in the state of Georgia and is certified as a Mediator and Arbitrator. If you would like to know more about how he can help you after your trucking or auto accident, contact him at (404) 805-1005.