Medical and Nursing Home

Caring for an older loved one is both rewarding and challenging.  We want to make life as comfortable and safe as possible during the golden years of our loved ones’ lives, but there are often circumstances that prevent us from doing it all on our own.  This is why we rely on nursing homes and medical facilities for assistance.

In most cases, adult caregivers are competent and capable, but occasionally, things go wrong.  Mediation provides an effective alternative for resolving these medical and nursing home disputes that sometimes arise in the Atlanta, Georgia area.  Mediation is less expensive than traditional litigation and it resolves conflicts faster, so you can return to what is most important – providing for your loved one.

Attorney James G. Stewart has over 28 years of experience resolving cases through various means of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).  He is a Registered Neutral in the state of Georgia and is certified as a Mediator and Arbitrator.  If you would like to know more about how he can help you resolve issues related to the care of a loved on in a nursing home or medical facility, contact him at (404) 805-1005.