“What I like about Jim’s experience is that he has worked both sides of the aisle and is consequently able to make insightful judgments in the critical field of helping my clients understand the value of their case from a neutral and independent view point. He is not content to be a mere “potted plant” or messenger but is an active part of the Mediation as reflected in my experience of resolving every case that we have brought before him.”

Griffin & O’Toole, LLP

” I have found him to be fair, impartial, knowledgeable, thorough and completely dedicated to bringing cases to a resolution within the process if at all possible. He is patient and willing to take whatever time is needed and to explore any and all options in trying to reach a resolution.”

Safeco Insurance Company

Medical Malpractice

“I have been using Jim as a Mediator for the past 15 years. The first case he mediated for me was the wrongful death of a college student who was hit by a car by an employee of the university, and Jim was able to get both sides to cut through all of the emotional issues and reach a settlement within the available insurance coverage. Since then I have also used him in many cases involving medical malpractice and other complex matters, and he is able to quickly familiarize himself with the details of a case and to distill it down to what is important from a settlement standpoint. Jim has the most important quality that a Mediator needs – the ability to listen – and after he has heard from both sides he works hard to achieve a result which meets the goals of everyone in the room. Always professional, he never takes his eye off the ball. I highly recommend him.”

Edmond Jones Lindsay LLP

“Thanks for your excellent work. You are outstanding!”

The Olson Law Firm

Personal Injury

“Jim is a fantastic Mediator and person. He is effective, very experienced, likable and I would recommend him as a Mediator. BAY Mediation is convenient and is in a great, accessible location right near the Glenridge Connector.”

Sam L. Levine, Esq.

Product Liability

“Our firm has used Jim on numerous occasions throughout the last few years and we are always pleased with his hard work and result oriented approach. We never hesitate to utilize Jim’s Mediation services as we know we will be getting a passionate Mediator that will do whatever it takes to achieve a fair result. Jim takes the time to understand the facts of a case and works tirelessly with the parties in order to get tough cases resolved. He is exactly what one would want in a great Mediator.”

Childers & Schlueter, L.L.P